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Hi, doglover!
My name is Anastassia and I am student from Estonia. I leave in Vienna for last four years and study International Business Administration in University if Vienna.
I would like to tell you about my experience, my day and my home.
So first of all I do love animals! From childhood we always had a lot of pets at home: rabbits, fish, cats, turtles, parrots etc. To be cincere, I never had my own dog, but my granddad had a Caucasian Shepherd Dog Timoha, with whom I spent a lot of time together. Also my friend in Vienna had a very nice Yorkshire Terrier, whom I was sitting often.
As I have already said, I am a student. This is my last semester in Uni, so I have only few subjects left. I go to Uni maybe 2-3 times a week for 2 hours.
And last, about my apartment. I leave together with my boyfriend (he also loves pets a lot!) in the third district, which is very calm. There are several parks around my apartment, which are made especially for dogs. We have two rooms. One we use as living-sleeping room and second (10 sq.m) is not used, so it can be transformed for your dogs private space!
We will be very glad to host your Dog and we will try our best to make the time without You stressless and most comfortable!

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Anastassia S

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